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Phil Strunk

Loudoun County Public Schools
Winchester, VA

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Phil Strunk is a middle school history teacher in Loudoun County, VA since 2021 and has been teaching since 2015, teaching as a long term sub in Pennsylvania before receiving his first full time teaching position in Virginia in 2016. Phil received his undergraduate degree from Messiah graduating summa cum laude with a degree in History with a Social Studies Teaching Certification and a concentration in Classical and Medieval European History in 2015. Phil graduated with his master’s degree from American College of Education in 2019 with a masters in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in differentiated instruction. He is passionate about developing critical thinking skills and authentic performance assessments for students. Phil is an active member of the education side of Twitter, and loves opportunities to work with educators to build student success. Phil lives in Winchester, VA with his wife, Laura Beth and son, Ezekiel.

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