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Istation is the award-winning, adaptive and comprehensive animated progress monitoring and intervention program used by nearly five million students and educators around the world. In the crazy and fluid COVID environment, we provide an easy way to identify skills gaps and provide an individualized path to growth and achievement, whether in-school or at-home.
- Available for Reading (in English), Español (authentic Spanish literacy and culture), and Math.
- Approved for growth assessment and intervention in Virginia.
- Now with many new enhancements and additions made in the last year, from the interface user experience to artificial intelligence grading for Oral Reading Fluency to managed at-home access, and more. "This is not your father's Istation!" 
No minimum subscription is required.
- Visit the booth and book a 15 minute appointment for a chance to win a $25 Amazon Credit! : Booth:  http://goveb.co/dl/132502 or Book directly: https://meetings.grooveapp.com/cwatson-1

Watch the Istation 2-minute overview:  The Istation Super Seven

YouTube Channel:  https://www.youtube.com/user/IstationEd - including Educator Testimonials
Virginia Istation Web Site: http://info.istation.com/virginia
View our Interactive eBrochures:
View Spanish E-Brochure
View Math E-Brochure
View Reading E-Brochure
View Formative Assessments / Personalized Data Profiles E-Brochure

Follow your Istation and your Virginia representative on Twitter: @cwatsonistation

Your Virginia Account Executive: 
Charles Watson - Roanoke, VA Istation Sales Account Executive - VA, WV

Cell: 540-769-7939

Email: cwatson@istation.com

Click here to schedule 15 minutes: Charles Watson's Calendar

VSTE Istation Chat:  Chat Room  (Manned during select Exhibitor Hours during the annual VSTE Conference)

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